SheShamans is delighted to welcome these outstanding women psychonauts to present their work and sacred activities in a deeply feminine, relational way.

Marilyn Walker, PhD is a medical anthropologist and ethnobotanist. In her academic teaching and research, she incorporates experiential and experimental methods of learning from many years of living and working in Siberia, Southeast Asia, the Arctic and with the Tibetan Bön tradition. Her most recent work with the Reindeer-Herders of Northern Mongolia focuses on the shaman's toolkit, the spiritual use of plants and sacred spaces in landscape. Recently she became an editor for the newly formed Journal of Shamanic Practice.
www.mta.ca. Go to the Department ofAnthropology, then to Marilyn Walker, PhD.

Cindy Palmer is a writer and photographer from San Francisco. In 1970 she was part of a small group of neuronauts who founded The Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library in North Beach. Over the next 30 years the library became the world's largest collection of literature, research, art and artifacts of drug history. Drug classics were reprinted from the collection, and with Michael Horowitz, she co-edited MOKSHA: Writings on Visionary Experience and Psychedelics, 1931-1963 by Aldous Huxley (1977, 2000) and SHAMAN WOMAN, MAINLINE LADY: Women's Writings on the Drug Experience (1981, 2000--updated and renamed SISTERS OF THE EXTREME). Recording psychedelic history through video, photos and interviews for 20 years has led to a longterm goal of making a documentary on present day shaman women in their multitude of permutations.

Linda Rosa Corazon has been involved with shamans and visionary plants/entheogens for over 30 years. She worked closely with with Mexican psychiatrist Salvador Roquet, a pioneer in the field of psychedelic psychotherapy. Through him she met Maria Sabina in 1980. Linda has traveled widely in indigenous areas of Mexico and the Amazon region of Ecuador. She has presented on her work at major conferences including recently at the LSD Symposium in Basel Switzerland. She has worked for over 20 years as a college counselor and is pursuing her PhD, which will focus on the lives and work of female shamans.

Micah Nissen and her partner Paul combine the healing qualities and subtle alchemical properties of plants into powerful synergy. She says: "I believe that the direct connection with the green, living intelligence of Nature, as expressed through her plant beings, is the right of every being in existence. Alchemy has brought me this connection, and in my educational work, I hope to spark that gnosis in others." www.al-kemi.com

Celestine Star is a ceremonial medicine healer, spirit guide, and priestess. Of Egyptian,French and Iroquois heritage, she has participated in occult magic since birth. As a licensed Clinical Hypnotheraist, Celestine has developed her own practice in Tranformative Trance Psychology. She is currently living in Marin, CA as a shamaness and film maker. Her path is to remind beings to "keep all things sacred, to work in service in helping eumanity evolve in consciousness, and to be a part of a larger spiritual family that is here to bring blessings to all sentient beings and our Mother Earth."


Jane Straight is an eclectic, passionate plantwoman. As a result of collecting plants in Central & South America years ago she has quite a collection to draw from and her garden thrives with plant spirit. Jane is currently immersed in preventative drug education & cultural diversity. Her work empowers seriously at-risk youth with honest information. She is available to discuss & teach Beyond Zero Tolerance as she continues her search for truth. www.alliesonline.net

Max Dashu has been a force in the women's spirit movement since 1971, as an artist, teacher, and land witch devoted to incantation and sacramental dance. She founded the Suppressed Histories Archives (now in its 37th year) to research global women's history, archaeology, Goddess traditions, and shamanic arts. Her collection of over 14,000 slides and 100 visual presentations has been shown at women's spaces, universities, community centers and conferences around North America. See her writings at http://www.suppressedhistories.net and her art at http://www.maxdashu.net .

Mariela de la Paz: Mariela's multi-faceted artistic career spans over two decades as painter, visionary, educator, ceremonialist and spiritual counselor. From teaching languages in Guam to painting murals with troubled youth in Oakland and doing art therapy in San Francisco, she is exploring the healing power of art.
Born in Chile and trained by renowned artists and spiritual leaders, her paintings reflect her Mapuche roots and the shamanic practices of those people. Today her art hangs in galleries in San Francisco, New York, and Marin County and she has taken on the mission of inspiring the new generation of visionary artists though her life's example, her teachings and her art. www.mariadelapaz.com

Angela Blessing is a ceremonialist, Pipe Carrier, ordained minister, and co-founder of Temple of Yes. She is an eclectic practitioner of spiritual traditions of diverse origins. Her ceremonies are lovingly and intentionally crafted to create maximum opportunity for joy, insight,   healing, and a direct experience of the Divine. She is a gentle, graceful guide into the world of natural magic and non-denominational spirituality; a dedicated Life Artist creating through community, talismanic objects, music and media. http://www.angelablessing.com

Valerie Leveroni Corral began using medical marijuana in 1972, following a head injury that left her with severe epilepsy, replacing heavy regimen of debilitating pharmaceuticals. When she was busted for her plants in 1992, she successfully challenged California law. At that time she and others opened the Wo/Man's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM). a model patient self-help alliance that cultivates and distributes medical marijuana to deserving patients free of charge. In the course of this work, Valerie has been blessed to be present at the passage of many friends. She says, "Maybe destiny has offered me the privilege to be companion to a remarkable number of people as they face their ultimate journey. It is on the basis of these extraordinary experiences that I feel compelled to share these gifts." www.wamm.org

Suzanne Sterling is an ecstatic vocalist and composer whose devotional music has been called a "groove-loving and seductive journey into Spirit." She performs, teaches and facilitates retreats and workshops in the U.S. and abroad. As a ritual designer and priestess she has developed curriculums, teacher trainings and apprenticeship programs nationwide. She brings a special blend of music and sacred ceremony and loves riding the edge where art and ritual meet. Suzanne is committed to creating sacred community and empowering others to be their authentic, expressive selves. www.suzannesterling.com

Dr. Patricia Winters has been a student of the mysterium tremendum since 1976. She is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and has been a practicing psychiatrist since 1984. Some of her most influential teachers have been Ralph Metzner, Roger Walsh and Lester Grinspoon.
Patricia's study of the mind has taken her to explorations in many fields, including anthropology, literature, comparative religions, and sexuality. She has lectured to many different groups, from mental health professionals to pagans, typically going directly to the heart of the matter in a frank and fearless way.

Lou Montgomery is the author and performer of five plays dedicatd to merging performance art and higher consciousness, including last year's SheShamans hit, Pachemama Rides Again. She holds masters degrees in theater and applied psychology and a doctorate in depth psychology. She is a praciticing Vajrayana Buddhist, travels widely for love of the world, and lives in Sonoma County County where she performs original theater, conducts workshops, and is working on a book. www.kaliworks.com

Adele Getty
Since 1967 I have sought out indigenous peoples who use various forms of plant medicines. My primary interest was in the ceremonial use of various substances and how they have functioned as a psychic glue to hold cultures together. From these experiences I have sought to find ways that we as contemporary people could begin to revitalize our own culture and community: eyes-open experiences where we learn new ways to become social beings without falling into various forms of shamanic fundamentalisms. I am also interested in the second generation of travelers and how they have faired with us as parents and elders, where we have failed and where we have succeeded as role models.I have written two books: Goddess-Mother of Living Nature and A Sense of the Sacred and published a number of essays. I am looking forward to some lively cross-generational conversations at this gathering.
























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